What is the best voltage for roti/chapati maker?


Most of the roti makers require a power supply of 800 to 1000 watts.

And the operating voltage required by most of the roti makers is 230volts.

Can you use roti makers made in india in other countries?
Different countries have different voltages, India has a voltage of 230 volts at 50hz and countries like USA have voltage of 110 volts at 60hz.

The voltages in all countries range from 110volts to 240 volts. And different countries have different plugs, Usa has 2 pin plug and India has 3 pin plug.

So what are the steps to be taken to ensure roti makers work in other countries?
1.) Whenever you travel abroad carry a proper plug that matches with that of the country you are travelling.
2.) You must find out what is the standard voltage of the country or voltage that your electricity company supplies.
3.) Use a adapter to change the voltage, so that you can get correct voltage required by the machine.
4.) Carry or buy a extension cord matching that country’s power pins.

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