Prestige Prm 900watt roti maker review


Prestige prm 900 watt roti maker is the top best selling roti maker. It is one of the best roti makers in the market based on its features and latest technology that is used in it. This roti maker delights everyone based on its looks and shear performance. It is designed in such a way that it produces perfect round fluffy rotis every time and it packs punch in terms of technology.

1.) It is light in weight and weighs around 1.8 kilo grams(kg) and it is easy to carry.
2.) Adjustable temperature knob woth which you can adjust its temperature anytime.
3.) It is safe to use and has shock proof base.
4.) High quality Non stick coating.
5.) Power on off indicators, so that you know when the roti maker is ready fpr use.
6.) Low power consumption of 900watts and operating voltage of 230 volts.
7.) Along with rotis or chapatis you can also make uttapam, dosa ,pizza and parathas.
8.) Comes with a demo cd.

This is one of the best roti makers in terms of looks and design with matches with the modern kitchens these days.

Ratings 4/5
This roti maker has very good ratings almost 4 stars in amazon and it is top selling in the market. Customers who have bought this roti maker are very satisfied and have positive reviews about it.

Prestige Prm is a very reputed company and has service centres all across India, this roti maker comes with a 1 year warranty.

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