How much time does it take to make roti’s with roti maker?

After you have selected and bought  the best roti maker it will take some time for you to get used to it. Initially ot might take some time to make roti’s or chapati’s. But once you understand the trick you can easily make roti’s in a very short time. It will less than a minute to make it and you can achieve this with a qaulity roti maker.

Here is simple guide that teaches you how to make roti’s with the roti maker 

After you start using roti maker for a few months you become a “professional” in making roti’s and i might take few 10 to 20 secs per roti. 

The main purpose of buying a roti maker is to save your time and effort. That is what exactly a roti maker does. The taken to make roti’s with roti maker is  very less. You can make 3 times more roti’s in this machine than your traditional ways.

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