A complete guide to make roti’s with roti maker

Once you buy a roti maker, you might want to know how to make rotis with roti maker machine. But when you try making rotis for the first time you might find some difficulties because everything needs practice.

But we at rotimakeronline.com will show you how exactly you can achieve perfect rotis and by using our guide you learn to make rotis or chapatis in no time at all.

First of all before you learn to make rotis you need a roti maker machine, check out top 5 best roti maker comparison guide

You can learn to make perfect round rotis or chapatis in these few steps.

Step 1: Selecting the atta or dough

The atta that you choose can be made of wheat and should be powdered 

You have to mould atta or dough to a certain compositon. Add two cups of powdered wheat and and mix it nicely using hand. You can also use dough maker or atta maker to do this. Add water at regular interwals.

Note: The atta or dough that you have moulded should be very moist and there  must be oil  more than normal way of doing it.

Step 2: Setting up the roti maker

Different roti makers have different settings.
1.) Plug the machine to power supply
2.) It will show some signs, some roti makers will have lights example: red.
3.)You must wait till the red light turns off, then you know the roti maker has heated to sufficient temperature.

Step 3: Making the roti with roti maker

Now that the roti maker is heated place the roti in one corner of the roti maker machine. And press the top lid of the machine tightly and a round roti comes out.
Fry till it cooks, and turn to the other side and cook it for 10-20 seconds and press the lid once again till the roti expands to a sufficient size and it automatically comes out.

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