Bajaj vacco go ezee roti maker review


Bajaj vacco goezee roti maker has lot of special features and works extremely well you can make rotis, chapatis, pappads, khakaras etc.

1.) Non stick tawa so that rotis or chapatis dont stick.
2.) It has Automatic double thermostat temperature control feature that can be very helpful.
3.) Shock proof insulated bakelite handles.
4.) Steel body that makes it strong and last long.

This company gives a warranty of 12 months and their service centre is in delhi only.

Ratings and Reviews 4/5
This roti maker has good ratings in the market , mostly online market. And it has impressed most of the consumers.

This roti maker is definitely a buy, because it has good ratings by customers and this product has ton of features that makes it one of the top roti makers.

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